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It tends to come from poor countries where children are easily exploited. Simply drowning them, despite its appeal, doesn’t always work. According to the documentary, in poor countries like the Philippines, the child’s parents are often the ones putting the kid in front of the camera, and they do it because the family has to eat.In the bush world, corruption, official inattention, and lack of resources mean that nothing much will be done, no matter the level of Western indignation. However one might regard this, putting mommy and daddy in the slam doesn’t do much for the kid and, since in much of the world there are many hungry families, the jailed would just be replaced by others.In which evil-doers engage in terrorism, in the bombing of city streets? When a captured molester is found to have pedophilic pornography in his home, a causal link is often assumed.The argument will be made that kid porn encourages the molestation of genuine children. Or does it allow those with pedophile inclinations to satisfy their urges through fantasy? But of course a pedophile would be likely to own such material.Sexual exploitation of children is nauseating, and most people would probably see legalization as pandering to people they would rather throw from helicopters.But leaving things as they are will, well, leave things as they are, with wretchedly bad treatment of a lot of children. With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

Perhaps a pedophile cannot control his interests, but he can control how he satisfies them.And yet whether the approach would work probably doesn’t matter.Legalizing kid porn is not a winning political platform.Did the magazine cause our interest in girls, or did we get the magazine because we were already interested? One may read of virtual-reality goggles that provide increasingly realistic sexual video.On this I am no authority but clearly this can provide an intriguing variety of partners of every color, shape, race, body style, and age (how do you check the age of a digital girl? Streaming concubines, digital Turkish harems, Asian fleshpots on demand, magically compliant and available to boys of fifteen and oldsters of ninety. The complaint is made that men sometimes become so used to the variety and accessibility of such cyberseraglios that that they lose interest in real women.

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Brothels report that growing numbers of men pop for sex robots, which improve rapidly. The costs to men of dating real women are relatively minor (unless they marry in which case child support, divorce, and so on can be burdensome).

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